The Browser Company

An update on our progress and how to become an early tester 🏄

From Warsaw to Bangalore, Mannheim to Kansas City, The Browser Company is now sixteen people across six different countries. Our team includes the creator of Android's first virtual machine, the founding designer of Medium, a former professional dancer, and a high school dropout. We are an eclectic bunch, united by the belief that there is a better way to use the internet.

This year, we actually built five separate browsers. They spanned multiple codebases and programming languages. Each tested a unique hypothesis. Each failed in some way. But there were also glimmers of the future. Moments where we collectively gasped, “Of course it’s supposed to work this way!” We’re almost ready to show you what we’ve stumbled across, in the form of a single, cohesive product.

First, we’d love your input. At a recent team meeting, someone proclaimed: “We are not building a web browser!” They are right. While our product will help you search the web, multi-task across apps, and visit webpages, it will need to do so much more to be worthy of your time.

Become an early tester

So, tell us, what do you hope the future of using the internet looks like? Please fill out this survey and let us know. In a couple of months, we will begin onboarding folks who completed the questionnaire. We promise to take your feedback to heart.

In 2021, we will also send you monthly progress reports from members of our team. We are tremendously grateful for your interest in The Browser Company, and feel like we owe you a peek behind the curtains at the very least.

Thank you for the time – and see you on the internet!


P.S. Here we are in all our zoom glory!